Friday, November 20, 2009

Im not sure were to get started

 I would like to get support in opening the recreational path that travels through Dow junction, (considered by some, one of the most dangerous sections of highway in the world) connecting Eagle Vail to West Vail in the winter months. Currently it is only open for the non-snow months. This is the only safe way for people commuting to get from one side of Dowd Junction to the other. The only other way is for commuters to travel in the winter is by getting on the Interstate 70 and using the shoulder that is snow covered and inhibited by very large snowplows.


I just can't under stand this. The world is currently working on being green, I believe a large part of this movement is cutting down on the amount of fuel we use. One way to do this is by commuting on Bicycle. More and more people are using their bicycle for green travel, and a safe route is necessary.


I have talked to people in the Vail, CO. community and the consensus was that the reasons for the recreational path not being maintained and locked off for the winter months are:


Elk Migration 

The Path runs along side the highway and apparently the Commuters scare the elk, and the automobiles, big rigs and snowplows don't. Hmmm, it just doesn't make sense to me? There has to be another way to assist the elk in their travels across the path without commuters scaring them. 


Maintenance cost

This is a major way to becoming more green in the Vail Valley and there needs to be something worked out. Maybe donations, Vail covering the cost, the town of Vail adding this into its costs? I don't know?


Here is a story of a Vail local, amazing person, and bike racing legend named Mike Janelle. Mike did not have a car and would commute by bicycle everywhere he went, year round. He lived in Avon and worked as a ski/snowboard instructor sometimes having to commute to Vail to teach lessons. As I explained earlier, the only way to Vail is by getting on the highway (I70) and riding in the shoulder. One-day mike was doing so and a snowplow ran into him throwing him of the rode nearly killing him. He did make it to work that day, but not without major bruises and being very shaken up. If only the path was maintained he would have been on it and this near death experience would not have happened.  Mike is no longer with us as he passed 1 year ago due to acute heart failure.  If we could get this path opened in the winter months I would like to see this done so in his honor.


Mike I will never forget you Bro. Peace!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Than race day part 4

I felt good, my legs seamed to be well rested. Since we still needed to set up our stuff (race food, #plates on bikes, lights ready, explain to our crew our secrets...etc) , Kris and I arrive early that day to our pits. Before we could say "jackhammer", it was time to get suited up, apply the Dr. Naylors udder balm to the chamois area to prevent any chafing, which could be a disaster, apply the nuun tattoos, and to the start line. At the start line the announcer introduced all the solo racer's by name and country representing. I think that this adds a nice touch to the event. There was a Le Mans start, while I left my Raleigh XXIX at the pit we had to complete a 500 yrd run before jumping onto our bikes to complete the 10 mile course. The course is tough, super tough, hands down the toughest yet. There is roots, roots, and more roots. This course required much upper body strength, this is were the coined word "Jackhammer" was derived. To be quit honest it tore me apart mentally. I hung in there with last years leader Greg Martin for a couple laps but he was just on fire and I just couldn't maintain that pace in the virtual root forest. Greg is a Firefighter from Ketchum, Idaho, so his upper body strength was there! He also has a blog check it Greg Martin

Here is a post from Roy Wallack 14 hundred or so hours into the race: 

Vic Armijo
Okay, so that's not quite the quote attributed to dear old Mr. Franklin...he's reputed to have said "beer," not   "gears." But your roving reporter wouldn't even think of riding this course without a full range of gears and his "easy button."   But there are four riders out there right now in the darkness who have only one gear. No, they didn't bash their derailleurs on the rocks and roots. Nope, these guys didn't have any to begin with. They called "singlespeeders." 

Perhaps one day medical science will find a cure for these truly sick individuals. Until then the 24 Hours of Adrenalin crew will continue to provide these guys with a means of dealing with their maladies.

1. Greg Martin, (USA) 13 laps, 14:47:46
2. Brenden Den, (AUS) 11 laps, 13:32:54
3. Dereck Fish (EARTH) 10 laps, 14:03:19
4. Matt Koerber (AUS) 8 laps, 12:17:22    

I like the fact that i am from (EARTH) funny shit!

I was up, I was down, I just couldn't get into a rhythm. Greg pulled away further and further and ended up winning again. Good job Greg Martin.  Over all I ended up finishing 3rd in a super strong field  of 4. 

Although the past two years attending this event I had fun and meet many great people, I will not be back next year to race in this super expensive 24 Hours of Adrenaline race. The organizer of event Stuart Dorland chose to have it next year in Australia, which is awesome! I would love to see OZ. 

Peace Out

Thursday, July 30, 2009

24 Hour solo worlds part 3

Than back to the condo to check in and relax with the legs up.  We were assigned to the Cougar suite. 

24 Hour solo worlds part 2

We drove straight to the nordic center and unpacked Kris' truck which was riding low. Set up our tents and left most of our race supplies under the tents covered by a tarp. Which included the race machines, Raleigh XXIX single speeds, each equipped with a set of Magura Marta brakes which were needed for the very root filled course, nuun tablets ( The key to keeping the electrolyte intake to the max), and  Dr. Naylor  udder balm, which is the product I use for anti saddle sore. ( it is amazing , I only have to apply once and it takes care of me for an entire 24 hour race).

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

24 Hour Solo Worlds

Well Its been a whirlwind of a trip! We packed up Kris' truck to the hilt on Tuesday , 5 bikes, all our gear, picked up our man Tadius at Orange Peel, stuffed our faces with BCP and started driving. We made it to the Canmore nordic center in three days with two hotel stops along the way. 

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Don ride

This 4th of July Kris and I went to Salida, CO., to partake in an annual ride that has been going on for about 20 years. Everyone who rides, meets at Don McClung's house/shop at 4:20 am. This year was Don ride # 3 for me. There was about 40 characters who showed this year, with the majority of them riding single speed.  The ride is Monarch Crest as a loop and consists of about 90 miles with 10ooo Ft. of climbing, mostly on dirt. We had dropped a cooler full of food and water at about 2/3 s the way through. This point is tough cause there is pavement leading back to Salida or to continue the ride there is about an hour ahead of hiking. To be honest this year I contemplated  taking the pavement back.  As Kris is super tough she helped me get through this feeling of quitting. We ate refueled and continued on. We ended up back to Salida in a solid 12 hours. We each took an ice bath and barely made it to watch the fireworks. This was one of the last big pushes before competing in Canada at the 24 Hours of Adrenaline solo world championships. BRING IT!  

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


  • Faster rolling. Once you get them rolling they roll fast and long.
  • Less resistance. When the tire contacts an object, the angle is less rolling smoother.
  • More tire to ground contact. This aids in soft sand, soil...etc. helping the bike float. Also giving the bike more traction in cornering.
  • Longer spokes. Giving the wheel a bit more flex acting as sort of suspension.
  • Bigger wheels and frame. Putting the bike to scale for taller riders. 
  • Conrad Stoltz inspired me to write this check em out. He is the man! 
  • I ride a Raleigh XXIX. Check it out.  
  • Wikipedia 29 Check it.     
  • Peace